re: ARPAnet "Congestion"

Mon, 29 Sep 86 09:11:01 PDT

I have a purely academic question. Is anyone considering the fact that there
are many users on the ARPAnet that are not "official" users?

When I was in college a few years ago, an arpanet account was very hard to get.
Unless you were faculty, forget it (this was at USC).

It seems that now there are many more students and people who are not really
using the net for work, as much as an electronic post office. My host spends
90% of it's time on the ARPAnet sending and receiving INFO-THIS, and INFO-THAT.

Also, I have multiple users receiving the same message from INFO-WHATEVER
as separate TCP connections to my host. I think part of the congestion mess
is that hosts (like mine) do not utilize "central mailboxes" and do the
redistribution locally.

I do feel that the subscribership of the net, and the "official DARPA business"
rules that applied a few years ago have been very lax lately. Now, most
universities let their students onto the net, and most hosts with network
access do the same.

I'm not saying that this should be restricted because the ARPAnet is a useful
tool. Especially to system managers like myself. I just think that with the
increased volume of users and the proliferation of INFO lists, the mail traffic
has increased drastically over the past few years, and with the advent of
these new protocols (PC/IP for example), it is becoming easier and easier for
*anyone* to get connected up to the ARPAnet...

I'm not flaming, I just had an extra 2 cents in my pocket...

                                  Ron Tencati

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