Re: ARPANET congestion?

Dave Cohrs (
Sun, 28 Sep 86 12:03:08 -0500

There are a few reasons that WISCVM has been hard to reach. First, our
gateway has recently been converted from an 11/34 to a VAX 750. The
routes that have been generated since the conversion are not always
very good (EGP problems). In the long run, the upgrade should be
helpful; Wisc-Gateway passes between 0.75 and 1 million packets dayly.

Second, there have been some PSN connectivity problems recently. One
or two weeks ago, only one of our three neighboring PSNs was alive.
Also, our PSN goes "not ready" (as seen by watching the lights on the
LH/DH used to connect the gateway to the PSN) once every 20-30 seconds
when the load gets high. This condition lasts for 1-2 seconds. This
causes lots of packets to get backed up and/or lost.

Third, the SMTP mailer on WISCVM has gone through some rough times. I
think the version they are running now is stable.

Finally, WISCVM is physically connected to our Proteon token ring. The
number of errors on this net are extremely high. This seems to be a
problem with inferior cables, and not with the Proteon ring itself.
However, the old, bad cables are still in place, so the net still barfs
constantly. The high error rate causes lots of broken and lost
packets, not to mention the time wasted while the controllers try to
regenerate lost tokens.

Put all of this together, and WISCVM is a tough place to reach.


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