ARPANET congestion?

Sat, 27 Sep 1986 22:21 MDT

Over the past three weeks, we have been able to receive mail from
ARPANET hosts but not able to even establish connections, or when a
connection has been eventually established, send mail and receive
acknowledgements within rather generous timeouts to those same hosts.
This one-way performance has also been observed in eventually
established TELNET connections to various ARPANET hosts, where
single-character echoes may take several *minutes* while continuous
output, such as directory listings, appear normally.

According to the NOC, this is a known problem which is being
investigated. Could we have an intermediate report concerning the
problem? Are only certain hosts involved? (Our most persistent and
common problems have been with CSNET-RELAY and WISCVM due to the
volume of mail they pass.)


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