Do we need another protocol?

Sat, 27 Sep 1986 22:01 MDT

There is a growing trend in the Army to network Intel 310s running
Xenix on a fat Ethernet under OpenNet. When asked why OpenNet instead
of TCP/IP, the answer most often heard is because OpenNet provides
inter-machine file and record-level access at the application level.

At one time, there was a brief discussion of the possibility of
extending the FTP definition to allow for record-level access. It
seemed to me then that FTP was the wrong place and that an entirely
new protcol should be defined. Was this ever done and formally
recognized as part of the TCP protocol suite? If not, why not? Would
it be possible to provide an OpenNet functionality within the TCP
confines so that we don't have to provide two otherwise incompatible
services requiring two sets of hardware interfaces for every node that
should have both capabilities.


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