Re: Why is the ARPANet in such bad shape these days?

Charles Hedrick (
Sat, 27 Sep 86 22:55:52 edt

We apologize for the problems we have caused other sites. I am well
aware that Rutgers is among the hardest places to reach. This is a
combination of our 9600 baud line into the IMP, and continual crashes
of our gateway. We have now replaced our gateway with a gateway from
Cisco. It is based on a 68000. It appears to be more reliable than
the old 11/23 code we were using before, and has much better tools to
monitor what is going on and adjust things. We think that the
reliability problems will largely go away, except for TCP protocol
problems with individual hosts on our network. Early results suggest
that the 9600 baud line has enough bandwidth to keep mail and news
flowing. We have long since given up on telnet, though at some times
of the day even that may now be practical. We are also exploring an
upgrade of the line speed.

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