Re: Peace fullness.

Sat, 27 Sep 86 12:52 EDT

   Speeking as the president of one of those companies out there trying
to make a living by selling TCP/IP code for PC's ...

   As a developer it IS my responcibility to produce a product that my
clients desire and to develop new features and approches.

   I have done just that, but I am afraid to market it. Why ? Because the
Universities will produce a public (or very cheap) version and have their
name behind it! All my time, effort and MONEY will be wasted.

   What can I do ? Get a Patent ? That takes years, and the protocols might
have changed by than.

   I ask you, what would you do if you wanted to sell such a product.
(Remember were a very small company)

              - Carl Beame,
                Beame & Whiteside Software Ltd.
                259 Fiddler's Green Rd.
                Ancaster, Ontario, Canada.

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