A new discussion group

Marshall Rose (mrose@nrtc-gremlin)
Thu, 18 Sep 86 20:23:49 -0700

    I am pleased to announce the charter of a new discussion group.


    ISODE is a discussion group which focuses on the ISO Development
    Environment, an openly available implementation of some of the
    higher-level protocols adopted by international organizations (ISO,
    CCITT, ECMA). These implementations are hosted on top of TCP/IP
    using the method discussed in RFC983. Appropriate topics are:

        - questions about how to use ISODE (and announcements of ports to
          other target environments)

        - discussion of ISODE as a part of a TCP/IP to ISO migration strategy

        - exchange of ideas regarding ISO-based applications running in
          a native TCP/IP environment

        - debate regarding where ISODE should go next

    This list naturally has some overlap with the TCP-IP list, the ISO
    list, and so on. Contributors are urged to use the appropriate list
    based on their topic of discussion. If there is sufficient demand,
    new sublists may be formed.

    All requests to be added to or deleted from this list, along with
    problems, questions and suggestions, should be sent to

    Coordinator: Marshall T. Rose (MTR) <Bug-ISODE@NRTC.NORTHROP.COM>

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