Ultrix 1.2 and unacceptable tcp packets

Louis A. Mamakos (louie@trantor.UMD.EDU)
Tue, 16 Sep 86 17:10:37 EDT

I've noticed other TCP problems with Ultrix 1.2's TCP. After we installed
ULTRIX on a MicroVAX system, we don't seem to be able to send mail to our
Sperry 1100 system anymore. The connection just hangs after a bit. This
concerned me greatly, being one of the authors of the TCP/IP software on
the Sperry host. None of our other systems had any problems, (2.9BSD UNIX,
4.2 BSD UNIX, Wollongong VMS, FUZZBALL, *Ultrix 1.1*). Examination of
trace data on the Sperry indicates that it's just waiting for more data
on the SMTP connection after sending a window update.

(Flame on)
Our solution? Very simple. Trash Ultrix and run 4.3 BSD. Not only has
DEC managed not to fix broken code, but they've even broken working code!

I'll just bet DECNET works though.
(Flame off)

Louis A. Mamakos WA3YMH Internet: louie@TRANTOR.UMD.EDU
University of Maryland, Computer Science Center - Systems Programming

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