Re: Formatting Query

Joseph I. Pallas (PALLAS@Sushi.Stanford.EDU)
Sat 13 Sep 86 13:56:42-PDT

RFC821 says:
            The mail data may contain any of the 128 ASCII character

This clearly makes it illegal for SMTP mailers to expand tabs. On the
other hand, RFC822 says:

        Writers of mail-sending (i.e., header-generating) programs
        should realize that there is no network-wide definition of the
        effect of ASCII HT (horizontal-tab) characters on the appear-
        ance of text at another network host; therefore, the use of
        tabs in message headers, though permitted, is discouraged.

This clearly suggests that mail-agents expand tabs before submitting
them to mailers.

Meanwhile, if you use tabs in formatting such that the width of a tab
stop affects the content of your message (e.g., in drawing pictures),
other people will get what you deserve.


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