Ultrix1.2 to HPUX problem

Hurf Sheldon (hurf@tcgould.tn.cornell.edu)
Fri, 12 Sep 86 11:48:14 EDT

        We recently connected a VaxstationII & an HP9000/300 via a delni
 & after getting the uvax setup correctly we then used the network setup
 program on the HP to set it up. What we get now is complete access from the
 HP to the uvax but from the uvax to the HP we get "connection refused"
 under telnet & just "time outs" on ftp & rlogin. We have set up the host tables
 on the uvax for some more HP's not yet connected & when we try to go to them
 we get a "host unreachable" so we believe the HP is recognizing it's address
 correctly but won't answer.

        We have Ultrix1.2 on the uvax & HPUX on the HP. The uvax is set
 "broadcast -trailers netmask 0xffffff00" - must be set this way to conform
 to local cornell net standards.

 Any & all suggestions appreciated.

     Hurf Sheldon Arpa.css: Hurf@ionvax.tn.cornell.edu

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