Re: Formatting Query

Jordan Hayes (jordan@ucbarpa.Berkeley.EDU)
Thu, 11 Sep 86 11:37:16 PDT

        From: "John G. Ata" <Ata@RADC-MULTICS.ARPA>

        Since there is variation on tab interpretation, it would seem
        that if the SMTP mailers expanded the tabs to the appropiate
        number of spaces, then compatability would be assured.

Wow, did this come out of left field or am I really missing
something? I don't really think you want to do this ...


ps: maybe a better way of looking at tabs is like those stupid vt100
    escape sequences that lock up my terminal, but give an vt100'er
    double width characters ...

pss: all you UNIX'ers out there using Mail can do a ~|expand just before
     hitting ^D to end your message ... I did this for this message --
     how does it look to you Multics'ers?

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