Re: Formatting Query

Robert K. Walker 'Bob' (Walker@RADC-MULTICS.ARPA)
Thu, 11 Sep 86 06:57 EDT

    Date: 9 September 1986 20:22 edt
    From: Mike Muuss <mike at BRL>
    Subject: Re: Formatting Query

    I though there was general agreement that tab stops were every 8 characters?

    I don't know if this is official NETASCII, but since TOPS-20, UNIX, and VMS
    all do it this way, most systems go along.

Tab stops every 8 characters may be the convention for DEC equipment,
which was what was mentioned. However, the Multics convention is every
10 characters. I have FTP'ed files from DEC machines with the tab codes
present, only to get a very ragged looking format when it is
interpretted by Multics. This is a nuisance.

-Bob Walker-

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