VMS TCP/IP over Ethernet?

JHU|mike (jcp@BRL.ARPA)
Tue, 9 Sep 86 21:03:57 EDT

        I'm working on upgrading a site that currently runs VMS on
its Vaxen to running 4.3 (at least most of the time), and the issue of
communications has come up. Presently, there is nothing, so the slate
is clean. I'm thinking of getting some of the Interlan (MICOM) smart
ethernet controllers, and running their VMS TCP/IP package on one machine,
with 4.3 on the others. Has anyone else come up against the problem of
needing hardware that is both VMS and UNIX compatable, (so that either
machine can be used for either system), and found a better (more cost
effective) solution?

        The Interlan folks claim to have FTP and TELNET implemented under
VMS, I have also checked out Wollongong, any others out there I've
missed? Were not Government or educational, so I don't think the
Tektronix code is available.


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