re: imprecise DDN X.25 specification?

Alan R. Hill (
Tue, 9 Sep 86 14:40:29 EDT

        As Dr. Cerf already pointed out, the concerns you have are valid
and will definitely affect the ability of the CDC interface to communicate
with the DDN Standard Service. I cannot comment on the relationship
between DCA Qualification and an ability to communicate effectively using
the DDN but I can offer some information on what the BBN packet switch
does during use of Standard Service.

        Standard Service will process an X.25 call by removing its
X.25 transport envelope and using the contents to generate an 1822L
envelope. Standard Service allows only one VC per triplet of
<source address>, <destination address>, and <precedence>.

        Unfortunately, I believe each of your issues will prevent
communication with the DDN. I would like to hear suggestions about
areas for improvements in the specification or the DCA Qualification.


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