hyperchannel and IP

John Lekashman (lekash@ames-nasb.arpa)
Tue, 9 Sep 86 11:39:47 MDT

Hi there.

two things:
1. I've been doing some work on an NSC hyperchannel device driver.
I started with what was working on 4.2, and with help from Mike
Karels at Berkeley, have got it working on 4.3 unix. Its available
on ames-nasb in /usr/ftp, including 4.3 kernel changes, (to support
raw access) cray research's cxint (yuk!) and hyroute (also yuk!)

2. While getting this working, I found many things about how
it functions in need of repair or improvement. I am interested
in starting a mailing list of people who use hyperchannels on
IP nets. I want to see some sort of standard about encapsulation,
routing, and raw access. We spent a great deal of time wretching
about all sorts of things here, and finally everyone just copied
what cray research had given us, since getting them to change
was the hardest.

If no one else is currently running such a list, I will. I
have created hy-people, and hy-people-request at ames-nasb.arpa
                                        thank you,



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