Re: Gateway Selection Procedure

J. Noel Chiappa (JNC@XX.LCS.MIT.EDU)
Mon 8 Sep 86 11:30:43-EDT

        The answer to the first question you ask is contained in two RFC's
in the TCP/IP guide; I don't remember which volume they are in in the
white books, but they are RFC's 814 and 816, "Names, Addresses, Ports and
Routes", and "Fault Isolation and Recovery". I don't want to sound like a
broken record, but I wish people would read the documentation provided
before asking questions. I am aware that those books contain a lot of
material: perhaps the NIC could include a 'Suggested Readings' list in
the next printing which would list RFC's 813-817 as 'Required'?
        The second question is sort of covered by RFC's 904 and 888, which
describe the current Internet model for routing packets among gateways.


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