Re: re: How to IP & ARP on 802 nets
Sun, 7 Sep 86 18:12:56 EDT

SNAP is not 'our' protocol, any more than 802.2 is ours. We don't
have any contorl over it. If we had wanted to avoid this mess, we (sigh)
should have been on 802.2. AS I noted, vendors are already using

The reason that the code is 3 bytes of owner, and two of protocol
number, is that they can then use the already-allocated 24-bit
prefixes that define 48-bit address blocks. Hey, 48-bits is absurdly
long, also.

I think that running a datagram network protocol like IP over class 2 802.2
is a non-sequitor, so we don't need to worry about it. I will admit that
I can't see how SNAP would work with class 2 at all. In the ISO world,
class 1 is used with connectionless internet at the network level, and
class 2 with a null network layer.

                                        john shriver

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