Re: Gateway Selection Procedure

7 Sep 1986 05:24-EDT

Mr. McKee -

you should be able to "pick any" of the known available gateways - if you
picked the wrong one, relative to minimum delay routing, that one will
"redirect" you to the right one. However, it is possible the one you picked
is dead. If the subnet you use to reach that gateway tells you about dead
hosts, as the ARPANET does, then you will be able to detect this mistake
and change your tables to select another gateway.

There is no existing algorithm for selectively routing traffic across
multiple gateways. Dave Mills tried one that resulted in every other
packet landing in the Atlantic Ocean (The "Atlantic Two-Step"). It is
not even clear that such bifurcation oftraffic across a single TCP
logical connection would be a good idea - especially if the two routes
have widely differing delay/loss characteristics - the TCP level
performance monitoring and feedback control might have a lot of trouble
trying to adapt if every other packet, for instance, went a different
way with very different parametric profile.


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