Re: Ethernet between buildings
Sat, 6 Sep 86 23:12:37 PDT

If you can possibly find the $ for the fibers, that's the way to go. If
you talk to anybody in the fiber business, this is probably the first
application they will mention.

I suggest a very cautious, respectful approach when dealing with things
as potent as lightning. You may think your buildings are both grounded
but at the currents developed near lightning strikes, all sorts of
unobvious things will happen.

Consider what will happen when your whole net goes down. You may only
have a few machines today, but you know that more be running tomorrow.
People will be using them for term projects and writing their thesis.
Networks are addicting. Remember that it will happen durning the end of
term rush.

We have one (coax) ethernet under the street to another building. 6 or 7
years ago, a lightning bolt hit the hill a bit beyond that building. It
fried the front end transistor in dozen or so transcievers. Each fried
transistor was a short accross the coax. That whole net was down until
they found the last dead transciever. There were lots of people milling
around the halls and grumbling... (At least we could scrounge enough
transcievers on short notice to get everybody back on the air.)

(That was a long time ago. A simple resistor in the right place will
probably provide enough protection. Most transcievers probably include
one now.)

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