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Edward J Cetron (
Fri, 5 Sep 86 16:25:31 MDT

-------------------------- the standard sacrificial line

        We have been using the Tektronix tcp/ip package for quite a
few months and have found it extremely useful... A quick summary:

        Advantages (especially vs. WIN/VX)

        1. you are given ALL of the source code (albeit in bliss)
        2. the code is NATIVE-style NOT a unix port
        3. it has proved to be very reliable, easy to modify for local
        4. with very few exceptions, it is very clean, readable code which
                tends to follow the tcp mil-std very well....
        5. with the software tools message system (public domain from lbl)
                it also will support smtp as per rfc 822, 821....
        6. it is virtually free for an educational institutional site license.


        1. It is available currently only to educational institutions (but
                some commercial sites HAVE gotten access to it).
        2. it currently only supports telnet, ftp, 3com ftp, and smtp
        3. there is no support (but then i understand the Wollongong doesn't
                support there product either in reality)
        4. it does not yet support nameservers, >255 hosts, and anything other
                than in its fixed host table (however; we are currently fixing
                these problems and hope to have them resolved within 2 months)

        All in all, compared to WIN/VX (which i HAVE used) i feel that it is
infinitely superior (and much cheaper). While it isn't perfect (yet) you have
the code to fix whatever ails it. One of our sites has been using it for 3
months with NO MAJOR COMPLAINTS except when the WIN/VX site that they talk
to screws up.

        I would be happy to answer any further questions or supply details
if people would like...

-ed cetron
center for engineering design
Univ. of Utah

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