Wed, 3-SEP-1986 17:20 EDT

We plan on hooking to nsfnet in the near future, probably through a sattelite
link and an imp. We were going to be running Wollongong's WIN on the Vaxes,
but I've been told we are going to have a horrible time with it, that it
wouldn't work with out a lot of kluding.. Anyone have suggestions as to a
good, full-function, tcpip package to use in this situation? It would
need ddn protocol support, and be able to talk to unix flavor systems.

Please also mention whether or not it would require new hardware, or if
we could share the deuna we currently have for decnet and lat.

Also, while I'm thinking of it, anyone have PD or non-PD code for domain
support for a VMS system?


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