The ISO Development Environment at NRTC

Marshall Rose (mrose@nrtc-gremlin)
Tue, 02 Sep 86 16:59:03 -0700

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                         A N N O U N C E M E N T

    The first release of the ISO Development Environment at NRTC is
    available for distribution. This release is called

                                ISODE 1.0

    This software supports the development of certain kinds of
    ISO/CCITT/ECMA protocols and applications.

    Here are the details:

         - ISODE is not proprietary, but it is not in the public domain.
           This was necessary to include a "hold harmless" clause in the
           release. The upshot of all this is that anyone can get a
           copy of the release and do anything they want with it, but
           no one takes any responsibility whatsoever for any (mis)use.

         - ISODE runs on native 4.2BSD and SVR2 with an Excelan card
           (Future releases will support VAX/VMS and a variant of PC/IP.)

         - Current modules include:
                TSAP - makes TCP look like TP4
                SSAP - ISO BCS session
                PSAP - ASN.1 encoding
                PEPY - ASN.1 yacc-like facility
                RoSAP - ECMA Remote Operations Services

         - Although the ISODE is not "supported" per se, it does have a
           problem-reporting address, problem-reporting address, ISO-People@NRTC.NORTHROP.COM. Bug
           reports (and fixes) are welcome by the way.

    The primary documentation for this release consists of a User's
    Manual (approx 150 pages) and a set of UNIX manual pages. The
    sources to the User's Manual are in LaTeX format. In addition,
    there are a number of notes, papers, and presentations included in
    the documentation set, again in either LaTeX or SLiTeX format.

    There are two ways to get a distribution:

    1. If you can FTP to the ARPA Internet, use anonymous FTP to [] and retrieve the file portal/isode-1.tar.
    This is a tar image (approx 2.0MB). The file portal/isode-1.tar.Z is
    the tar image after being run through the compress program (approx 0.8MB).

    2. Send a magtape and a self-addressed mailing label to:

        Northrop Research and Technology Center
        Attn: Automation Sciences Laboratory (0330/T30)
        One Research Park
        Palos Verdes Peninsula, CA 90274


    We will write the tape in tar format at 1600bpi, and return it with
    a copy of the User's manual.

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