Re: How to IP & ARP on 802 Nets
Tue, 2 Sep 86 14:20:46 EDT

Your K1 (the SNAP SAP) is '01010101' when presented least signifigant
bit first. (First bit to the MAC layer first.) For those of us who think
in a forward direction, this is '10101010', or 'AA'hex.

While SNAP is only a proposal, I beleive it is de-facto real. I understand
that certain proprietary network vendors already plan to use it.

By the way, "ethernet types" were handed over by Xerox to the IEEE along
with the 24-bit address blocks. There is no list available from IEEE of
the allocation of either type of block, they consider that proprietary.

I have heard rumors that K2 is '0', and that this 24-bit block belongs to Xerox.
Are the Xerox people out there who can confirm this?

                                        john shriver

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