How to IP & ARP on 802 Nets

David C. Plummer (DCP@QUABBIN.SCRC.Symbolics.COM)
Tue, 2 Sep 86 09:45 EDT

    Date: 29 Aug 1986 19:27:12 PDT


    At an ad hoc special session on "IEEE 802 Networks and ARP" held
    during the recent TCP Vendors Workshop, an approach to a consistent
    way to sent DOD-IP datagrams and other IP related protocols on 802
    networks was developed.


A very quick reading of this and a small amount of knowledge about 802.x
leads me to believe this looks reasonable. The problem I see is "What
happens if ISO blesses DoD IP and then there are two different ways to
talk it?"

    The total length of the SAP Header and the SNAP header is 8-octets,
    making the 802.2 protocol overhead come out on a nice octet boundary.


    If we can not quickly resolve the issue of the values for K1 and K2,
    we will push for the assignment of a sap value (a K1 value) to
    indicate "IP related protocols" and do our own multiplexing (much like
    that proposed above).

Please don't say "IP related protocols." Only one protocol is IP
related and that is IP. Instead say "Ethernet'1980 related protocols"
which includes Chaos, PUP, XNS, DECnet, etc.

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