How to IP & ARP on 802 Nets

29 Aug 1986 19:27:12 PDT


At an ad hoc special session on "IEEE 802 Networks and ARP" held
during the recent TCP Vendors Workshop, an approach to a consistent
way to sent DOD-IP datagrams and other IP related protocols on 802
networks was developed.

Due to some evolution of the IEEE 802.2 standards and the need to
provide for a standard way to do additional DOD-IP related protocols
(such as Address Resolution Protocol (ARP)) on IEEE 802 networks, the
following new policy is being proposed, which will replace the current
policy (see page 26 of RFC-960 and RFC-948).

The proposal is for DDN and ARPA-Internet community to use IEEE
802.2 encapsulation on 802.3, 802.4, and 802.5 networks by using the
SNAP with an organization code indicating that the following 16 bits
specify the Ethertype code (where IP = 2048 (0800 hex), see page 27 of

 MAC Header| Length | 802.{3/4/5} MAC Header

| Dsap=K1| Ssap=K1| control| 802.2 SAP Header

|protocol id or org code =K2| Ether Type | 802.2 SNAP Header

The values of K1 and K2 must be assigned by the IEEE. We believe
there is already assigned a value of K1 that indicates that the

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