Re: the length of 802.3 + 802.2 header

J Q Johnson (
Sat, 23 Aug 86 06:45:00 EDT

I don't completely see why the fuss over odd sized headers. Presumably,
the encapsulation of the contained protocol is a separate standardization
issue from the header formats. Just as 4.2bsd chose a nonobvious
encapsulation for ip on Ethernet (trailers), we could legislate that
ip under 802.2 is required to include an adequate number of pad bytes
to force word (or whatever) alignment. I don't care much if OSI IP is
slow -- I plan to continue to run tcp/ip at least until it becomes
feasible to put a barrel shifter in my Ethernet interfaces! However,
I will need to use 802.2 and saps as transports...

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