Possible DDN to Ethernet or 802.3 Gateway Vendors

Fri, 22 Aug 86 09:26:54 -0500

Thanks to all who responded to my requent for information on vendors
who sell DDN X.25 Standard to 802.3 or Ethernet gateways. Since many
folks requested me to pass along the information I recieved, I have
summarized it below with some of the origional comments about each
product and vendor. Two other possible sources of information are:
were also recommended.

                                bj Pease

1. Communications Machinery Corporation (CMC)
        1421 State Street
        Santa Barbara, CA 93101
        (805) 963-9471

        DDN Ethernet Gateway, X.25 interface to DDN, and either type 1
or 802.3. Model # DRN-3200.

2. Proteon does have a DDN X.25 gateway product. JNC@PROTEON.COM

3. Scope Inc. 800-336-0155 (Carl Kelley).

4. ARINC Research 301-266-4787. (Wally Miller).

5. Communication Interface Solutions Company (CISCO), Gaithersburg,
        MD. One respondent highly recommended this company.
        (301) 921-8800 or 800-638-8296 (Jon Weston)
        (415) 723-0045 (Len Bosack).

6. Auscom 512-836-8080 (Iraj Vojdam).

7. BBN - Butterfly Gateway (may not support DDN X.25 Standard).

8. Avanced Computer Communications, Inc (ACC).
        Santa Barbara, CA
        Gary Krall (805) 963-9431

9. Sun Microsystems Inc.
        They have DDN X.25 basic and are working on DDN X.25 Standard.
        They now have a HDH DDN interface with same hardware as X.25
        (synchronous MIL-188, RS422).

10. Bridge Communications.

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