the length of 802.3 + 802.2 header

Wed, 20 Aug 86 21:48 PDT

this isn't quite the right mailing list for this, but i'm sure i'll get
a correct answer from someone reading this...

i've gone over it a hundred times, and i swear the length of the header
on an 802.2 type 1 packet is 17 bytes: 14 bytes for the 802.3 (aka
"ethernet") header and 3 bytes for the 802.2 header. that is, the data
will begin at byte number 18 (if the first byte is "1") of the
transmitted packet. maybe it's my ARPAnet training, but a header with
an odd number of bytes is so incredible that i just can't believe it.
could someone please confirm that this is, in fact, correct, or, even
better, point out where i'm making my mistake and show me why it's
really an even number? i'd appreciate it.

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