64kb cards and x.25

Drew D. Perkins (DP4Q@TE.CC.CMU.EDU)
Mon 18 Aug 86 21:38:35-EDT

I'm looking for a card for IBM PC's that supports syncronous/sdlc/hdlc
communications up to 64kb. What I have in mind should hopefully have
a Zilog SCC (8530) chip, interrupt capability, and fullduplex transmit
and receive DMA capability. An onboard processor would be nice but not
required. The intended application is running TCP/IP over the line.
I'm currently using the Tangent Technologies PC MacBridge card which satisfies
all requirements but the transmit dma capability. If anyone knows of
another card, PLEASE let me know, I'm getting desperate!

Also, If anyone knows of any public domain X.25 LAPB code, I'd also like
to hear about it. Preferably written in C. I'd like to provide flow
control and error recovery on the 64kb link without reinventing the wheel.


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