X.25 UNIBUS cards

Robert J. Welsh (rjwelsh@bbncc-washington.ARPA)
Mon, 18 Aug 86 17:26:29 EDT

I am seeking information about a company and one of its products. The company
is Simpact Assoc, based in San Diego, California. The product I am interested
in is their UNIBUS compatible intelligent communications processor ICP1600.
The card installs in UNIBUS backplanes and is based on a DEC MICRO/T-11
processor. In addition to the card, Simpact markets a software product called
X.25 SVI. This implementation of X.25 supports the LAPB frame protocol and is
supposed to be a DDN compliant X.25. Simpact also markets a TCP/IP that runs on
their ICP1600 UNIBUS communications processor.

I would appreciate hearing from anyone who has experience with Simpact Assoc
and their ICP1600 intelligent communications processor, X.25 SVI and TCP/IP. I
would be especially interested in hearing from anyone who is using this product
line within the DDN. Other concerns include product quality, customer support,
product documentation and availability. In addition, If anyone out there knows
of another UNIBUS compatible card that runs a DDN compliant X.25 and supports
TCP/IP (on the card), please let me know.

All responses can be mailed directly to me. I will summarize and post them
on the net. My E-mail address is: rjwelsh@cct.bbn.com

Thanks in advance,
Rob Welsh

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