Sun subnetting

13 Aug 86 05:03:40 EDT

Scott Brim at Cornell has pointed an error in my instructions for
installing subnetting in Suns. I suggest that you turn off
ipforwarding. I gave a way to do this in adb. However I used
the wrong letter. What I suggested would be harmless, and might
even have some sensible applicatoin, but wasn't what I had intended.
Let me try again:
  cp /vmunix /vmunix.OLD
  adb -w /vmunix
  _ipforwarding?W 0
Did I get it right this time? This changes the copy of /vmunix on
disk. It is also possible to change the incore copy, but it is
probably easier just to do this and then reboot.

Actually, since subnetting is going to require you to rebuild the
kernel anyway, it might be better to patch ip_input.o. That way,
any time you build a kernel you get the right thing. Otherwise
you have to apply the patch to /vmunix every time you build a
new kernel. In /usr/sys/OBJ you should find a file ip_input.o.
  cd /usr/sys/OBJ [or wherever you have the object files]
  cp ip_input.o ip_input.o.OLD
  adb -w ip_input.o
  _ipforwarding?W 0
Now rebuild the kernel.

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