Re: SUN and Subnets

Chris Torek (
Sun, 10 Aug 86 02:13:29 EDT

We just insist on source, so that we can fix things like that (and
like the lack of checksumming in NFS) ourselves. (We seem already
to have been bitten several times by Ethernet bit rot: `mysterious'
NFS errors that are not reproducible. There was no other disk
activity at the time, so this is not the namei bug.)

Steve Miller dropped the 4.3 TCP into our 3.0 kernels. Aside from
one locally-introduced bug, it has been working well for some time.
(The local bug was fixed a few days ago.) Once the file servers
are stable---we have been suffering with disk problems (another
local hack, this time in hardware)---we might consider distributing
the code; but we will likely have to require both 4.3 and 3.0 source
licenses (alas!).


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