Re: SUN and Subnets

Mike Karels (
Sat, 09 Aug 86 20:41:49 PDT

Berkeley has been using Suns on subnetted networks and (sigh) as gateways
for nearly two years. We added subnet support before we even had source
code by substituting 1 kernel source file and 2 header files, plus
ifconfig and routed. Unfortunately, several Sun changes have made this
harder to support, and the subnet scheme used is the old Berkeley scheme
which supports only 8-bit subnet fields with the high bit set. I have
been told by Sun systems people that subnet support will be in the 4.0
release, but that's not as helpful as I would like. I have been tempted
to figure out how to package and distribute subnet support for Suns,
but haven't taken the time to do so. Perhaps I could convince someone
else working with Suns at Berkeley to package things up if a few sites
could test it.


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