Computerworld article on TCP/IP vs OSI

Phil R. Karn (
Thu, 7 Aug 86 21:00:15 edt

I wonder if anyone else saw the article "OSI Substitute Lures Net Users" in
the July 28, 1986 issue of Computerworld. The article begins as follows:

"Business users eager to implement multivendor networks are increasingly
turning to an alternative that already offers much of the networking
versatility only promised by the Open Systems Interconnect protocols from
the International Standards Organization.

"According to user and industry sources, the alternative, called
Transmission Control Protocol/Interconnect [sic] Protocol, or TCP/IP,
provides an array of low-level networking functions for more than 50
vendors' systems..."

And a few notable quotes from the rest of the article:

"We're aware of what's going on in the OSI world, but the protocols are just
not a reality for the kinds of computer applications we're doing. In terms
of functionality, OSI is currently where TCP/IP was in 1980." (Tom Jacobson,
director of communications for Minnesota Supercomputer Center, Inc. in

"I recently got into an argument with a National Bureau of Standards
representative who said that OSI will supersede TCP/IP. Given the rate at
which manufacturers are shipping TCP/IP, by the time OSI arrives, there will
be a lot of people who will decide that don't need it. They won't drop a de
facto standard just because the 'real' standard is here." (Harvey Freeman,
vice president of Architecture Technology, Inc. in Minneapolis).

"People thought that TCP/IP would fade and die when OSI was ready; instead,
the protocols have gained even wider acceptance this year." (William
Carrico, president of Bridge Communications, Inc.)

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