The big search for companies who sell DDN gateways

Fri, 01 Aug 86 15:21:35 -0500

I am looking for product information on Gateway products that can
interface with DDN X.25 and an ethernet local area network. The
ideal product would interface with DDN X.25 standard and IEEE 802.3.
The internet protocol (IP) would use the "Revised Internet Security
Option (IPSO)". Please send me any information on companies you
know about that sell DDN X.25 gateways or if you represent a firm
whose product line includes such a product, please send me information
on your gateway products.

    Mail address:
                Barbara J. Pease
                Mail Stop K326
                MITRE Corp.
                Burlington Rd.
                Bedford, MA 01730

   Electronic Mail:

If you could send me something soon, It would be a big help.

                                        bj Pease

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