Directory manipulation support in server FTP's

Chris Markle (cam@ACC-SB-UNIX.ARPA)
Wed, 30 Jul 86 12:48:24 pdt

User FTP on our BSD 4.2 system supports some "experimental"
commands: pwd, mkdir, and rmdir. Use of these commands results
in XPWD, XMKD, or XRMD being sent to the FTP server. The
BSD 4.2 server recognizes and handles these commands appropriately.
As far as I know, this is vanilla 4.2 operation; we have not modified
User or Server FTP in our system.

Appendix II in the latest FTP RFC (RFC959) specifies that PWD, MKD,
and RMD should be sent to an Server FTP to request the appropriate
directory operation.

Does BSD 4.3 support the commands in Appendix II of RFC959?
Does it also remain compatible with 4.2 by supporting the X...
versions of the commands? Where do other FTP servers stand in
respect to support for the directory commands
(MKD, PWD, RMD, CDUP) specified in Appendix II of RFC959?
Do any other servers support the X... "experimental" commands?

If anybody is familiar with 4.3 FTP operation or the FTP operation
of other FTP Servers and could comment on these questions, I would
certainly appreciate it. Thanx.

Chris Markle ( 301-997-9373)

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