Tektronix TCP/IP news?

Douglas Bigelow (SST.D-BIGELOW%KLA.WESLYN%Wesleyan.Bitnet@WISCVM.ARPA)
Mon, 21 Jul 1986 09:16 EDT

     Bob, a TEKTCP mailing list has indeed been created. The address
is TEKTCP%KLA.Weslyn@Wesleyan.Bitnet, and requests go to
TEKTCP-Request%KLA.Weslyn@Wesleyan.Bitnet. I'll go ahead and add you
to the list. It just started a week or so ago, with less than two
dozen people. If it grows much I'll ask for redistribution points for
nets other than Bitnet, but for now it's a low-volume, non-moderated
rebroadcast list. Topics are anything having to do with using the
Tektronix TCP/IP package on VAX/VMS.

     Regarding your specific questions about Tek TCP, I'll send you
more information in a separate message without CCs.

                                   -- Doug

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