Tektronix TCP/IP news?

Bob Sutterfield (bob@ohio-state.ARPA)
Thu, 17 Jul 86 14:20:48 edt

A while back, there was some discussion on either info-vax or tcp-ip about a
TCP/IP package developed at Tektronix for VMS VAXen. There was even
proposed the creation of a discussion list, after which talk on the above
lists dropped to nil, as one might expect when traffic moves to a new list.
Unfortunately, I can't find out where the tektcp-request address is, to
inquire about progress of work on the software.

If such a discussion list hasn't been created yet, could someone involved in
the work bring me up to date? What various hardware configurations and
versions of VMS does Tek-TCP run under? What's involved in getting a copy
to test and play with? Is it still `pretty much public-domain' like it was
before? What's involved in the `pretty much' part? Thanks for your help.
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