Re: Getting machine readable copies of protocol specs

John Quarterman (jsq@SALLY.UTEXAS.EDU)
Wed, 16 Jul 86 08:42:52 cdt

Brief elaboration on certain points of John Gilmore's message:

The X3J11 C Committee (they hate being called ANSI C) has a USENET
newsgroup called mod.std.c. It does not appear to be gatewayed to any
Internet mailing list. Doubtless the moderator of that newsgroup
<> could elaborate. (The mailing list
INFO-C@BRL.ARPA is gatewayed to the different newsgroup net.lang.c.)

The IEEE 1003 Portable Operating System for Computer Environments Committee
indirectly sponsors the USENET newsgroup mod.std.unix (known in the Internet
as the mailing list STD-UNIX@SALLY.UTEXAS.EDU) and many of the committee
members read it. I'm the moderator and have in the past made on-line
copies of drafts of the standard available by anonymous FTP from sally
in cooperation with the rest of the committee.

The current document is the published Trial Use Standard and is not
available on-line, though future drafts probably will be. Actually,
according to IEE what is on-line is something that "represents" the draft:
the real draft is the paper copy, which you can also get just by
getting on a paper mailing list.

For details on access to these committees and standards, see recent
articles in mod.std.unix, whose archives may be gotten by anonymous FTP
from The current volume is in /pub/mod.std.unix.

PS: IEEE 1003.1 is working on adoption by ISO. We'll see how that
affects availability of drafts.

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