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Paul Milazzo (
Sun, 13 Jul 86 09:58:13 CDT

small for any of these terminal types, telnet simply remains in NVT
ode. If the user's terminal is an oddly-shaped window, such as on a
SUN, telnet uses the appropriate upper left portion of the window. On
startup it assumes the default size for the chosen 3270 model, and
switches to the alternate size upon receipt of an EWA.

My code currently does not support SNA codes, negotiation back to NVT
mode, or light pens. It incompletely implements the PT order, and has
problems with SYS REQ, though the last may be WISCNET's fault, not mine.
SNA codes and negotiation back to NVT mode are trivial fixes. The
remainder present varying degrees of difficulty. PEN SELECT would be
easy to add, but real light pen support (say with the mouse on a SUN)
is fairly difficult.

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