Re: Installing tn3270

Ra (
Fri, 11 Jul 86 12:01:02 EDT

I know that WiscNet supports RFC930 (Terminal Type Option) which
a version of tn3270 from Rice used successfully, it's a nice
option in that it's transparent (doesn't interfere with speaking
to hosts who don't support/need it), or at least should be (it
was with the other tn3270.)

I believe it is more like what you want in that I don't believe
you can get the 3270 servers to emulate arbitrary screen sizes,
just various specific 3278 models (which vary discretely in
size.) Which to ask for could be discerned by querying the
local screen size (either via the TERMCAP which is active or
the ioctl() on later editions, such as SUN or 4.3bsd.)

We might put this in one of these days, if we do we'll announce
it (or if anyone else does I'd appreciate a copy.)

        -Barry Shein, Boston University

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