Re: Hosts forwarding packets

10 Jul 1986 23:16:06 EDT

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The NSFnet Backbone fuzzballs and USAN gateway fuzzball have been buggered
to discard all broadcasts (as determined by Ethernet destination address)
with IP destination address other than that of the expected local subnet.
An exception has been made for the routing updates used by the fuzzballs
themselves. No ICMP error or redirect messages are sent in response to
packets discarded in this way. I regard this as a rather draconian solution,
but believe it necessary due to the cavalier disregard of sensible network
engineering on the part of several vendors. Having said that, I do believe
it prudent to point out in defense of some vendors that the seeds of
this problem (but not the excuse) can be traced to Berkeley distributions
which were ported to inappropriate environments.


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