TCP/IP and Internation standard

John Leong (
Wed, 9 Jul 86 18:30:19 edt

The comments from Debbie Deutsch on X400 and Alex Mckenzie on the TP-4 (both
of BBN) are correct and that input from ARPANET experience have indeed been
used to influence standards to different degree in those instances. (More on
X400 than TP-4).

Still, in view of the fact that the standard bodies are now moving quite aggressively
forward in the past few years (which I must say is quite atypical), it is important
that the ARPNET community to be aware of what is going on throughout the development
stage of those standards. Otherwise, we will get yet more chances to gripe about
having to convert to standards which we know little about until they are already
cast in concrete with no opportunity to comment.

John Leong

P.S. : It may be a good idea for DCA or DoD to fund BBN for standard tracking
and participation as part of the ongoing TCP-IP protocol evolution and development
particularly since there was some stated intent of "following international
standard" at some future date.

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