IEEE and Ethernet
Fri, 20 Jun 86 02:20:24 PDT

Not really IP or TCP, but probably interesting to many people on this

IEEE 803.? recently agreed on a whole bunch of fine print for the specs
for Ethernet repeaters, including fiber extensions. (There were major
problems with the repeater handwaving in the blue book. Basically, it
wouldn't work right if you were unlucky and you tried to push all the
length limits.) If you need more info and can't get it through IEEE, I
think I can find a local contact.

As of January 1, 1986, Ethernet host numbers are now being assigned by
the IEEE rather than Xerox. Any requests mailed to the Xerox address in
the back of the blue book will get forwarded to the IEEE. (and delayed
or...) The person to contact is Vince Condello at (212) 705-7092.

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