Re: EGP trouble

Mike Karels (
Thu, 19 Jun 86 12:43:24 PDT

It sounds as if the milnet has re-discovered a bug in Kirton's egp.
The same thing happened on the arpanet some months ago; I think
it was discussed on egp-people. The problem was that routing packets
grew larger than the receive buffer, resulting in truncated packets
that won't checksum. The simple "fix" is to increase the definition
MAXPACKETSIZE to a "large" value; I used 2048, then added code
to detect truncation.

I have a handful of other bug fixes and tracing hooks for Kirton's egp,
but some of it isn't very well tested. Also, it includes minor
modifications for 4.3BSD, which now leaves the IP header on ICMP packets
as it does for other raw IP protocols. I can make these changes available
when it's cleaned up a bit.


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