Re: EGP trouble

Barbara Seeber-Wagner (bnsw@mitre-bedford.ARPA)
Thu, 19 Jun 86 12:26:00 -0500

Due to the havoc EGP has been doing with routing info and the user confusion
factor, I have turned off EGP. We are a Milnet site with a subnet. I also
noticed that we received additional routing info for our subnet that
identified bbn-milnet-gw,arpa-milnet-gw,sri-milnet-gw,sac-milnet-gw, and
isi-milnet-gw as gateways to our subnet. This is useless info from our side
and is not removed after the EGP bad checksums/cease of core gateway when the
other routes are zapped. (just to provide more info for solving the

Can a status report be sent out to this distro list when the problem has
been fixed? I haven't seen any help.

Barbara Seeber-Wagner

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