EGP trouble

Richard Johnsson (johnsson@decwrl.DEC.COM)
18 Jun 1986 1624-PDT (Wednesday)

I have recently noticed (I can't say if it recently happened :-) that
my EGP process is having disagreements with the EGP core gateways on
MILNET. I seem to acquire a neighbor and load the routes from it. A few
minutes later the EGP process reports bad checksums and after three
minutes drops the neighbor and switches to the other one.

Needless to say this is causing us some grief as the routes keeping
coming and going every few minutes. I have several questions:

1. Is there something funny going with the EGP core on MILNET?

2. Are there EGP core gateways on MILNET other than AERONET-GW and

3. Is there newer/better EGP code for BSD Unix systems than what I have?
   I'm running Paul Kirton's EGP User Process with documentation dated

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