ISI moves to EDU domain

17 Jun 1986 12:57:49 PDT

The Domain Name System has been developed to improve the maintenance
and access of host name data. It is now ready for implementation, and
policies have been adopted for converting all ARPA hosts to this system.
These policies require that the general nature of an organization which
supports a host be reflected in the host's name, i.e., Educational (EDU),
Commercial (COM), or Military (MIL). ISI is classified as Educational
and will thus be in the EDU domain. Note that the policies also require
that the ARPA domain be phased out.

The official ISI host names will be changed on Sunday, June 29th. The
new name for USC-ISIB.ARPA will be B.ISI.EDU. The old official name,
USC-ISIB.ARPA, will continue to be a nickname; however, old nicknames
such as USC-ISIB and ISIB will be phased out over the next few months.
Please begin notifying users who send you mail using these old nicknames
that they should begin using the new official name to avoid mail delivery
failures after the nicknames are invalid. In addition, it is important
that all mailing list files be modified to use the new official names
(i.e., user@B.ISI.EDU).

The other primary ISI hosts below will also be adopting the new domain
style names:

        Current Host Name New Official Name
        ================= =================

If you have questions regarding this issue, please contact If you have questions regarding this issue, please contact ACTION@ISI
for assistance.

Vicki Gordon
ISI Host Administrator

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