Re: more interesting features of 4.2

11 Jun 1986 10:34:49 EDT

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USAN (192.17.4) is currently gatewayed to ARPANET via a fuzzball at
U Michigan on an experimental basis. The fuzzball gateway is gimmicked
with an incredible routing algorithm that provides connectivity for all
the j-random networks babbling on the USAN channel, as well as many
other networks that seem to be passing by from time to time. The
gimmicks include "promiscuous" ARP, dynamic logical-address translation
and multiple delay-based routing algorithms sharing the same cable. While
the experiment is somewhat of a lashup at present, the experience gained
seems to indicate that it would be practical to evolve a working standard
for multiplexing broadcast channels with arbitrary routing plexes. Whether
you want to do that on a performance basis may be another matter.

The experience with showers of redirects and unreachables in this environment
was what led to my suggestion a few days back on a standard filtering algorithm
for Internet gateways.

Hans-Werner Braun ( did most of the brain-punishing work
in evolving the techniques and making the fuzzball gateway play on USAN.


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