problems reaching cu20b

Fri 6 Jun 86 00:21:52-PDT

I frequently have problems trying to get files from
using ftp from either (milnet) or
(arpanet). Tops-20 ftp ( gives the message "connection
rejected for unknown reason" and 4.2bsd ftp ( gives
the message "network unreachable". (This is the second night in a row
this week, and I have had similar problems before.) I have also had
many mail messages returned with "system unreachable" after three days
through both (milnet) and (arpanet) (both

Apparently (also a tops-20 machine) has no problems
sending mail to us, we get the info-kermit digest regularly. Neither
the local postmaster or the info-kermit people seem to know a reason
for this problem.

Where is the proper place to report this type of problem?

Are other people experiencing it to?

Mail can be gotten through by routing via other systems. (I used to
use, but it no longer understands the % hack and I
haven't figured out out to specify an @host1:haven't figured out out to specify an @host1:user@host2 address to
tops-20 mm.) For ftp, I just keep trying until it decides to work.

Bob Larson <Blarson@Usc-Ecl.Arpa>

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